Raw hair is the highest grade of human hair as the hair is 100% chemically unprocessed. All hair cut from our donors are only shampoo, conditioned and air dried once it is collected, and will arrive in its natural hair texture. Cuticles are running in the same direction and remain in tact.

All hair is sourced from 100% single donors which means no two hair bundles are the exact same, so hair may slightly vary in colour and pattern but we have matched all bundles as best as we can.

Raw hair can withstand high volumes of bleach (can colour from 1b natural black to 613 blonde), dye and heat.

Our hair is sourced directly from Vietnam and Cambodia, and is collected ethically from young and healthy donors.

The longevity and quality of raw hair is unmatched.

Our raw hair can take colour and bleach very well, and can lift from 1b natural black to 613 blonde with minimal damage.

This should only be conducted by a professional to prevent damage and maintain quality.

Our hair hair been tested, and is proven to last over 5 years with proper maintenance and care.

Please wash and deep condition your hair extensions regularly to maintain its longevity. Raw hair is to be treated as the real hair on your head.

We ship worldwide with a tracked and/or signed for delivery service (depending on availability for your region) with Royal Mail, DHL, FedEx or USPS.

We do not ship to PO Boxes or Pack Stations.

For bundles, we recommend 3 bundles for lengths under 24" and 4 bundles for lengths 24" onwards.

Each bundle weighs 100g, so the longer the hair, the smaller the weft will be.

For tape-ins, we recommend at least 200g to 300g for a full head.

For clip-ins, we recommend 200g to 300g for a full head.

These are only guidelines and the amount of hair you require will be dependant on your specific preferences.

Please feel free to email us at hello@luxe-hairlabel.com as we are more than happy to provide more accurate recommendations based on your specific hair requirements.

Vietnamese Hair

Vietnamese hair is one of the highest quality origins on the market. It is cut from Vietnamese women with healthy lifestyles and has proven longevity. This hair is not only extremely soft and smooth, but very durable and takes heat and colour very well. The hair is silky but has strong and thick strands. We offer this origin in the texture natural straight.

Cambodian Hair

Cambodian hair is becoming increasingly popular for its strong and thick strands. It is extremely durable and has medium to low lustre. It blends very well with natural hair types due to its slightly course texture. It is soft and holds curls very well. We offer this origin in the texture natural wavy.

Single drawn hair extensions contain around 70% of hairs which are the same length.

Double drawn hair extensions contain around 80% of hairs which are the same length, making these bundles at least 10% fuller from top to bottom.

Both hair types have the exact same high quality, the only difference is the density of each bundle.