Our story

Hair can exhibit our femininity, origin and identity. The way in which a person wears their hair can be symbolic to who they are as an individual. Hair can be used as a canvas to express self through different texture, colour and style.

Your hair is often the first thing a person notices. This is one of the reasons why we have dedicated our brand to providing superior strands, and extremely durable yet ultra-thin lace pieces. Perfect for every woman.

We provide authentic raw hair, sourced directly from Vietnam and Cambodia. Our hair is collected ethically from young and healthy donors which can withstand high volumes of bleach (1b natural black to 613 blonde), dye and heat.

Raw hair is the highest grade of human hair as it is 100% unprocessed. We only shampoo, condition and air dry our hair once it is collected, meaning the hair will arrive in its natural state.

We also love our planet. We not only pride ourselves on our superior hair extensions, but our aim to maintain the planet. Almost all of our resources and packaging is made from materials which allow them to be reused, recycled and are biodegradable.